Solar Panel Installation Process

The most important factor for solar panel installation is that there are no objects blocking access to sun. The following steps explain how to install solar panels to the roof:

  • Set up a framework to ensure safety for the whole installation process.
  • Install solar panel mounts to support the base of the panels. The angle should be between 18 to 36 degrees.
  • Install the solar panels.
  • Install the electric wiring. In most cases MC4 connectors are used because they can be used for all panels.
  • Install solar inverter to the system. It should be installed ear the main panel and can be installed indoor or outdoor.
  • Bond solar inverter and solar battery together as it will save you from any trouble in times you have no access to the sun.
  • Connect the inverter to the consumer unit to generate electricity.
  • Switch the power on and test the system.

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